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IKEA’s EV fleet transition

    In March 2019, IKEA Australia announced a commitment to use only electric vehicles for all its operations and services by 2025. IKEA aims to reach a 5% electric vehicle roll out in conjunction with its partners in FY19, 10% in FY20 and 100% in FY25. [1]

    ANC launched its first electric vehicle in March 2019 in partnership with IKEA. Its electric vehicle solution comprises of a Hino 917 Series truck base built without a motor, gearbox, and exhaust, replaced with SEA-DriveⓇ 120a electric components by Australian-based SEA Electric and a custom designed cargo box. The modular electric driveline enables the replacement of individual components as technology advances, extending the vehicle’s lifecycle. [2]

    ANC customised 3 electric trucks as part of a pilot to transition to an electric fleet for IKEA last mile deliveries. Benefits uncovered during the pilot include:

    • Zero emissions: saving an estimated 36 metric tonnes carbon dioxide saved annually per truck compared to a diesel vehicle.
    • Improved capacity and productivity: due to lighter overall weight of electric trucks, the payload weight for cargo increased by 400kg – 500kg.
    • Improved productivity: increased cargo capacity allowing for a larger number of bulky goods and increasing deliveries per run.
    • Improved health and safety: quiet battery engine removes the noise, vibration and heat generated by traditional engines and the roomier cab means better driver experience, leading to reduced fatigue and improved last mile customer experience. [3]

    For more information, refer to ANC Deliver’s transport journey of sustainable mobility transition in Australia.