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Use our vehicle guide to find fit-for-purpose electric vehicles in Australia for your fleet

The vehicle guide provides a database of all electric vehicles in Australia to guide fleet and sustainability managers in finding vehicles that are operationally fit-for-purpose during their fleet transition. It is essential that fleet assets are suitable for their corporate and operational requirements and also meet occupational health safety and transport legislation obligations in the mobile workplace.
Electric cars should be operationally effective and have the range and performance needed to do the job. It is also important to consider safety, model availability, spare parts, customer service and the quality of support for maintenance. Fleet policies should consider factors such as safety, availability ‘up-time’, providing value for money, addressing environmental considerations, and vehicle suitability considerations when choosing a vehicle need to look at the number of passengers, volume, size and weight of typical cargo, towing requirements, and appropriateness for comfortable long-distance travel. Some vehicles have nationwide support offerings, however organisations should ensure that there is sufficient support for fleets from local dealerships and manufacturers when evaluating their purchasing decisions.