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Why should your fleet go electric?

Economic Benefits

EV’s will reach cost parity in the next few years and companies who are not ready to transition will be at an economic disadvantage from that point forward. EVs require less maintenance and are powered by electricity, meaning every day running costs already produce savings.

Environmental Benefits

EVs produce zero tailpipe emissions resulting in possible emissions footprint reductions of up to 85%. Shifting away from petrol and diesel also means that the environment is protected from fracking, drilling and mining of crude oil, therefore reducing deforestation, oil spills and habitat destruction.

Social Benefits

Migration of fleets is seen as a critical pillar in helping Australia transition. It will provide certainty to manufacturers to increase supply and create a viable secondary market and demonstrate responsible business practice to Australians.

Who is it for?

Logistics Companies
Government Agencies

Which staff can benefit?

Senior Leadership

Set goals and empower your teams.

Sustainability Managers

Integrate EVs into the sustainability goals.

Fleet Managers

Investigate and deploy economic solutions appropriate.